Zombie West Byron DA refuses to die.

HELP WANTED! Submission time – again

Despite thousands of submissions and the Northern RPP concurring with Byron Council in giving 20 reasons for refusal, West Byron has raised its ugly head again. A group of local landholders (Site R&D) are trying to use the courts to force their excessive and inappropriate over-development of a sensitive site, adjacent to the Belongil estuary, against the community’s wishes and contrary to our interests.
More of Dailan’s Pugh’s assessment of the DA here.

As always, we haven’t much time – submissions close 9 April – 3 weeks from now.

Please take the time to make a submission, we know you are probably suffering from submission fatigue but if they win in court then it’s over and out. Have a look at Dailan’s report and take some inspiration from there. Main reasons to object:

  • Flooding –  the site cannot take fill or any more runoff + increased wastewater ends up in the Belongil
  • Belongil impacts – stormwater into our precious creek
  • Environment – Koala habitat removed, car strike threat to koalas, impacts on wallum frogs, endangered species
  • Visual – 4m wall along Ewingsdale Rd
  • Traffic – thousands more traffic movements — too congested now
  • Social impact – population stress on all services; hospital, schools, shops, community services, businesses suffering from traffic congestion already

This is the link to the DA or just email submissions@byron.nsw.gov.au
more from Dailan:
They still intend clearing and fragmenting Koala habitat, building a 4m high wall adjacent to Ewingsdale Road, importing 470,000 cubic metres of fill, and directing huge volumes of polluted stormwater into the Belongil Estuary and the Cape Byron Marine Park. 

Site R&D say they now intend to subdivide into 162 lots, though this includes 25 super-lots intended for further subdivision. Three super-lots do not identify what further subdivision is intended, 2 are proposed for flats, and 20 show an indicative subdivision into 208 smaller lots. Many larger lots are capable of further subdivision and shop-top housing is also intended. 

The traffic study is based upon 470 dwellings for Site R&D, for the whole development generating another 14,000 car movements a day on Ewingsdale Road. Current traffic is around 21,000 car movements a day, so this is a 66% increase 


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