Rural Land Use Strategy: submissions needed

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What happens in our rural and hinterland areas into the future is being planned now and you have to have your say!

The first draft of the RLUS was widely criticised as being a gift for developers as it identified many areas for future development. The state government rejected it and said it needed a redraft. This new draft is on the Council website and it requires your input.

The Community Alliance for Byron Shire, (CABS) of which BRG is a member group,  has put together some points to assist in your submission:

  • Protect all regionally significant farmland in the Shire including non-contiguous regionally significant farmland.
  • Protect the Aboriginal and non-aboriginal cultural heritage on rural lands in Byron Shire and include an overlay map that shows this.
  • Consider rezoning State and Regionally significant farmland in certain areas RU4 Primary Production Small Lots where appropriate with a minimum Lot size of 10 Hectares and with planning provisions to ensure their location, scale and operation are compatible with the rural setting. Include provisions that a new dwelling entitlement is not created with the new lots.
  • Make it a condition of all rural development approvals that involve a commercial use that the proponent has provided evidence of a current water license or a connection to Byron Council water supply to meet all the water requirements in their application or alternatively their water needs will be met by rain water tanks and/or harvestable rights.Permit lower minimum Lot sizes in R5 Rural Residential zones allowing for some additional sub-division in existing areas
  • Investigate the potential to rezone of some R5 Rural Residential areas to R2 Residential where they can economically be connected to reticulated water and sewerage.
  • Consider allowing a greater density of dwellings on Multiple Occupancies and Community Title rural land sharing communities than is currently permitted.
  • Consider allowing an additional 15% more dwellings on Multiple Occupancies and Community Title rural land sharing communities as part of an affordable housing bonus when dedicated to affordable/ low cost housing.
  • Remove Saddle Road from the Byron Residential Strategy and return it to the Rural Land Use Strategy
  • Grant an amnesty period where land owners can apply for their unauthorised rural dwellings to be given Development Approval as secondary dwellings, dual occupancies, farm stay cabins, expanded dwellings, eco-tourism facilities or detached studios. After this amnesty period is ended have a policy for fining non-complying land owners.
  • Do not allow wedding venues in Rural Zones unless in existing Community Halls
  • No intensification and expansion of aircraft uses at Tyagarah Airfield which is in a Rural Zone and impacts on surrounding rural land users
  • Consider allowing a greater range of exempt developments on Rural lands in the Shire such as:
  1. road side stalls
  2. rural outbuildings (that are not farm buildings)
  3. viticulture
  4. small scale aquaponics in conjunction with horticulture
  5. works ancillary to agriculture
  6. change of use from one agricultural produce industry to another agricultural produce industry
  7. environmental facilities
  8. “Horticulture using Crop Protection Technology” Which means the growing of plants within sheds, greenhouses, poly houses or other synthetic structures but does not include a commercial nursery.

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