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We have to say what we want for Byron!

Here are just a few of the recent stories that have run in the media:
Residents rally against West Byron development

Former mayor urges action over ‘insulting’ West Byron DA

West Byron landowners respond to traffic and other issues

Byron Echo 6/6/2016 Belongil rock wall ‘fails first test’

Residents urged to have their say on ‘unwanted’ West Byron

Locals say their concerns about West Byron ignored
Risking all our beaches for one

Prime 7 Labor commitment to rescind W Byron rezoning

NBN 9 Paul Spooner/Labor will overturn West Byron

Byron Shire News: Labor will overturn W Byron

Byron Echo: Labor aims to ‘terminate’ West Byron plan

Byron Echo West Byron story archive

West Byron development given the go-ahead

West Byron development approved

Approval is given for West Byron rezoning

West Byron housing figures disputed
West Byron development continues to cause community anguish

Minister backs Department on West Byron
Byron growth figures used to justify development

Byron ALP opposes West Byron development

Byron Bay development opposed as too big and a threat to koalas

Meeting told West Byron decision could be final

Urgent public meeting called for West Byron project
Terry Agnew snaps up Byron house/land play

Development concerns re West Byron new owner
West Byron motion stripped of urgency
Greens councillor defeats West Byron motion
Council urgency motion to defer West Byron rezone
West Byron development monstrous:mayor

Mayor urges West Byron rezoning decision delay
Elliot enters fray over West Byron rezoning
ABC radio news re faulty traffic report
NBN TV on traffic issue
Governance failure over West Byron traffic report
With land ownership comes responsibility
Growth plan would give residents a say
Don Page meets residents’ group over West Byron
West Byron plan is overdevelopment
West Byron a greedy ambit claim
Council wants control of West Byron development
West Byron development plans draw community criticism
Have input in koalas’ future
West Byron: a major impact
West Byron concerns groundless
West Byron in gridlock
West Byron development plans draw community criticism
Page called on to stop West Byron development

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