West Byron

Byron banners web 0312142The West Byron development  would be the largest development in Byron Bay’s history. It would increase the population of Byron by 30-40% and have a negative social and environmental impact on the beautiful town in which we live. Byron Bay Council has repeatedly recommended against this site being rezoned for development.

The developers would not take ‘no’ for an answer and took this project to the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure to get it rezoned, thus taking it out of the hands of our democratically elected Council.

Watch this video from The Echo to learn more.

Dailan Pugh from BEACON* says the proposed development at West Byron could be the ‘death knell’ of the Belongil estuary.
Many people in the community feel they have not been properly informed about this development. This site is to provide information that you won’t find on the West Byron developers’ website. The site also aims to simplify many technical aspects of the development since many of the submissions on environmental and planning aspects of the development were difficult for lay persons to understand.

*Byron Environment and Conservation Organisation.


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  1. I purchased a home half an hour out of town a few years back because I couldn’t afford to buy in Byron. But building more residential homes in a condensed area is not the answer. It just overpopulates the town and takes away the beauty of what it is and the reason why people visit. The traffic is already a joke and it means clearing more koala habitats. Don’t do it, there are so many other places to get a home!


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