Tourism and festivals

The impacts of visitors to Byron Shire must be regulated. Byron has always welcomed visitors but there is a point at which it can simply be too much.

Money, not love of this place is too often the driver of what happens in this Shire. Too many people want to make a buck out the Byron ‘brand’ but at the expense of residents, the natural surroundings and our biodiversity.

The latest of these is North Byron Parklands who are seeking to have more and bigger events on their site at Yelgun, which is right next to a wildlife corridor and reserve where there are threatened and vulnerable species, including koalas.

These events do not only have impacts in the immediate area. With guest numbers upwards of 25,000  — and a plan to increase them to 50,000 people — the impacts across the whole Shire are significant. There are only 30,000 people in Byron Shire.

Parklands were allowed to hold events there as a trial. They bypassed Council and are using the State government to override local objections and environmental restrictions.