14 June deadline looms for rock wall plan

Belongil rocks Beaumont'sbelongil_rockwall-cropped
Unapproved rock wall at Belongil-low tide and high tide. The proposed rock wall will, over time,  make the picture on the right a permanent situation along all of Belongil Beach.

Click here for more info on the CZMP.
Remember to put in a submission on Council’s Coastal Zone Management Plan by Tues 14 June.

The wisdom – or lack of it – in building hard structures to try and defend the coastline is indefensible. In the light of the information we have available to us about coastline management historically and what can be predicted into the future with sea level rise and  more frequent and intense extreme weather events, to try and fight nature is a Sisyphian task -and a bottomless pit financially.

Impact of Coastal Erosion in Australia

World’s beaches being lost to coastal development

Website reveals which homes will be swamped by rising sea levels

Erosion experiences from around the world


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