Rock walls cause erosion

Do we need to remind you that you have until 4pm Tuesday to make your submission to Council?
Here’s some compelling information as to why you should reject the CZMP’s proposed 1.06 km rock wall on Belongil.

erosion parts A B and C
From the BEACON (Byron Environment and Conservation Organisation) submission on the CZMP:

“While some Belongil residents are quick to blame the Jonson St rock seawalls for their erosion problems they appear to be in denial about the impact of their far more extensive walls on land downdrift. The filling of gaps in the walls and their restructuring will significantly amplify their already apparent and rapidly escalating impacts.
Patterson’s (2010) modelling of past and future coastal recession led him to conclude:

… the Belongil Spit seawalls have incrementally added to erosion to their west (downdrift) where erosion has now (over the past few years) started to cause recession landward of the seawall alignment …
It should be particularly alarming that it is only since 1999 that the existing ad-hoc Belongil protections have begun to initiate serious erosion at their end, which indicates that beach erosion had progressed to the extent that erosion due to the seawalls began to be manifest. The major erosion since 2007 indicates that erosion is rapidly escalating, and that the sea could breakthrough to the estuary in a major storm event.”


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