New song about West Byron

W(r)est Byron – can be viewed here on YouTube

Written by Raphael Lee Cass, leader of “The Byron Bay Light House Work”. It’s a song with a strong message designed to encourage people to make submissions (closing 29 March) about the proposed housing development in a location with important habitat and water quality values in a town that has inadequate infrastructure to support the additional population. It’s low budget and had very tight time constraints and the result of many hours of work by Raphael with willing helpers in the studio and in putting the clip together.

Tai Lonergan, drums. Dave Costello, bass. Julie Haschemeyer, vocals. Roy Geiger, guitars. Raphael Lee Cass, guitars/percussion. Extra voc: Jess, Sam, Dekota. Recorded at Lucky Boy Studios, Byron Bay, March 2018. Produced: Geoff Wright, Roy Geiger, Raphael Lee with Sophia Fletcher.
Thanks to Joni Mitchell and Dailan Pugh.

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