The Joint Regional Planning Panel is coming! Time for a rally!
Save the date. Sunday 17 June. 10am at Apex Park.
To pull this off in 11 days we REALLY NEED YOUR HELP. It will take a community effort. Can you put up posters around town? Can you drum up people to rally with us? We have an art team who could use help preparing T-shirts and banners. We will need people collecting signatures and donations and marshalling the crowd. Please get in touch contact@byronresidentsgroup.org

WB Sunrise A and I estateWest Byron suburb layout
West Byron will be bigger and more dense than Sunrise and the A&I estate combined.
The JRPP that will make the decision about the applications to subdivide West Byron into a mega suburb of 667 residential lots – equal to more than 2 x Sunrise – that’s before the secondary dwellings that will (inevitably) get built.
The JRPP is holding a community hearing on Tues 19 June to hear submissions from us about West Byron. There are two sessions of 2 hours each which is not a lot of time for everyone to be heard.
We will rally just before the JRPP meets to make some noise and show our opposition to this monstrosity.

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