Forest law frenzy in NSW*. URGENT action needed.

* From the Environmental Defenders Office:

After years of internal government wrangling, there has been a recent frenzy of activity in NSW forestry law and policy. Six things are happening at once.

The details are all here in this article on the EDO website. In short you need to act NOW as the deadline (already extended once) is TOMORROW. We need to act to save our forests!

You can comment on the draft IFOA until 13 July 2018. The Government’s consultation page includes a summary, factsheets and expert reports (including on threatened species). Briefing notes are available elsewhere from industry and conservation groups.

Here is the EDO’s submission: 180530_Forestry_Legis_Amend_Bill_-_LC_Inquiry_-_EDO_NSW_letter_FINAL

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