Community teamwork wins Tallow Bird protection

Striped pardalote at the old STP at Tallow Creek.

An alliance of locals from Byron Residents’ Group, a councillor and Byron Bird Buddies has won extra protection for the birds at Tallow Creek and estuary at Thursday’s council meeting .  From the Echo:

Yesterday’s full Council meeting heard that people were regularly walking their dogs, often off-leash, through the site to get to Tallows Beach.

Many of the walkers were reportedly guests at the Ingenia caravan park.

The walkers often strayed off the sealed dog-walking track, which had the potential to significantly disrupt the breeding activities of the 70-plus bird species found in the reserve.

‘In a bird survey at Tallow Creek carried out by Byron Bird Buddies on October 23, 77 bird species were counted, mostly at the old South Byron STP site,’ said Independent Councillor, Cate Coorey.

‘On that morning there were several dogs not on leads, and one on its own — no lead, no collar.’

Read rest of article here:



Tallows bird protection

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