URGENT! make a submission on rock walls on Belongil. You still have time.

Belongil residents have applied to the NSW Coastal Panel to repair/replace the rock walls on the beach which are not approved. We do not support giving approval to illegal rock works.
The Coastal Panel has given us a couple of days’ grace to make submissions because many people lost power and internet or could not get to the post office because of the storms. (They were due on Friday but we have until Tuesday).
PLEASE take this extra time to make a submission and can we suggest you read the Byron Residents’ Group submission if you need help – the link is here:
BRG Coastal Panel submission

The Development Applications for the rock walls are  on the Coastal Panel website (go to the very bottom of their page to see the applications). There is also info on that page about how to submit. This may be our only chance to stop our beaches being rock walled into the future. If they allow this then the likely domino effect will be devastating and we will lose our beaches.

Manfred St Steps closed

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