DAs for West Byron – submissions due soon!

There are 2 Development Applications for suburban subdivisions for the West Byron site currently on exhibition on Byron Council’s website. COUNCIL HAS INFORMED US THAT THEY WILL ACCEPT SUBMISSIONS UNTIL EASTER (Good Friday is 30 March)

BRG’s Dailan Pugh has written an assessment of the 2 West Byron DAs – see below – and provided a longer and a summary document – see below.
We ask that you DON’T JUST COPY the points supplied here. Try and adapt them and make a statement of your own so that they don’t treat the submissions as pro formas and lump them together as one. 

Submissions must be sent to:  submissions@byron.nsw.gov.au

The submissions will be collected and collated by Council and given to the Joint Regional Planning Panel, which will decide on the DAs. Council makes a submission to the JRPP but is not the deciding party.

These are two documents below that Dailan prepared to assist residents to make their own submissions.  Please let us know if you have made a submission so we can garner the level of support.





  1. Will do a submission over next few days. This development is obscene in its density and will forever be an eyesore and destroy the Belongil estuary.


  2. The Byron Bird Buddies group is encouraging its members to make submissions in their own words, providing links to useful information. I will be submitting tomorrow for the first DA and then adapting for the 2nd DA later this month. Both of them are insane propsals and have threatened the well-being of our shire for far too long! The state government has no right to interfere! At least I know I’ve tried! Sue McLeod


    1. Hi Sue, Good news – Council has advised that they will accept submissions until Easter – ie end of March. More time to get more submissions. Would love it if we could get some Bird Buddy expertise into the mix – could post it to this website to help other submissions maybe.


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