No supersized suburb for Byron – get these petitions to NSW parliament

The decision on the suburban subdivsions Development Applications that are on exhibition will be not be made by Byron Council. The Dept of Planning, via its Joint Regional Planning Panel, decides on the DAs. Council makes a submission to the JRPP but is not the deciding party. Political pressure can help.

Please download and print the attached petitions then get as many signatures as you can! Some people have started holding neighbourhood signing and submission writing groups.  Start one in your street today!

The JRPP need to understand the impact that this supersized suburbia will have on our town.  We must let both the upper and lower houses of the NSW Parliament know that these suburbs would be the end of the Byron we love – and that visitors love too.

We will arrange to collect them from you if you email us:

  1. West Byron petion for Legisative Council

2. West Byron Petition for Legislative Assembly

If people want to know the main issues about West Byron, then also download this one page overview —  by no means comprehensive but it conveys the main facts.


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