Byron Deserves Better action on this Saturday! 10 February

Meet at the corner of Ewingsdale Rd and Melaleuca Drive at 10 am. WEAR black OR white.

In the meantime, tell the NSW State government what you think about the West Byron development plan.  The volume of submissions on this is SO IMPORTANT! If we cannot convince the state government that this development – in this form –  is WRONG for Byron Bay then we have little hope of stopping it.

Please let us know if you have made a submission so we can garner the level of support.
BRG’s Dailan Pugh has written a short assessment of the 2 West Byron DAs – see below – and provided a longer and a summary document – see below.  We urge you to read them so you understand the issues on this site.


We ask that you read them and DON’T JUST COPY the points supplied here. Try and adapt them and make a statement of your own so that they don’t treat the submissions as pro formas and dismiss them.
Submissions must be sent to:

The submissions will be collected and collated by Council and given to the Joint Regional Planning Panel, which will decide on the DAs. Council makes a submission to the JRPP but is not the deciding party.



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  1. thanks for all this info ..i will write a submission
    I was wondering why can’t we call on every group in the byron shire, facing serious issues, to unite and stand together. from the nth to the south of the shire there are many groups all trying desperately to have a say and our voices are not being listened too. West Byron, Nth Byron Parklands, holiday letting, affordable housing and list goes on….surely we could be the model sire where we pull together support one another to make sure that everyone is represented and people who live here matter! id be more than willing to help this happen


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